A Day At Cai Rang Floating Market Can Tho - The Most Interesting Experience


1. How to get to Cai Rang floating market?

How to go from Saigon to Can Tho? I "exchanged" quite a bit with my best friend Google to find the answer to my answer. There are two options: ride a motorbike or go by car.

Experience a Day at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho Figure 2

Reference map from Saigon to Cai Rang floating market. @GoogleMaps

I chose to go by car because I wanted to spend more time resting and resting in the car before I hit the Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho. There are quite a number of different trips between the two cities; I chose Thanh Buoi for 115,000 VND / trip because my friend said that this car company is quite reputable. In addition, you can also choose to buy Phuong Trang bus tickets at 1900 6067.

If you want to ride a motorbike, find your way to Highway 1A, then follow the direction of My Thuan Bridge, turn left towards Can Tho. There are quite a lot of signs on the road, so you don't be afraid to get lost. Riding a motorbike will cost you about 4 hours by car.

2. How to sail on Cai Rang floating market?

So has been to Can Tho then. From here, you go to Ninh Kieu wharf, Can Tho to take a boat to Cai Rang floating market. This market is located on Cai Rang River, about 6km from the city center by road.

If you go east, you can rent a private boat is okay, the boat can carry from 10 to 12 people with prices from 500,000 VND to 800,000 VND depending on your bargaining ability.

As for me, traveling alone with other people, my ticket costs 30,000 VND. Of course, if you have a better bargaining power than me, the cost can be reduced a bit. Pay an additional 10,000 VND if you want to visit the Can Tho Bridge.

In general, it will take about 30 minutes to take a boat from the pier to Cai Rang floating market - one of the crowded markets in the Mekong Delta. Certainly, you will also feel overwhelmed and fascinated like me when immersed in the lively trading atmosphere of the people of the river.

3. When is Cai Rang floating market time appropriate?

Cai Rang floating market is quite early, from about 4, 5 am the boats have started to come to the market so you need to go a little early, calculate the extra time to be able to reach the market at the most crowded.

Experience a Day at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho Figure 3

The fair will be the most crowded at around 6 am and will gradually fade out at around 8, 9 am. @Internet

I got off the train leaving Ninh Kieu wharf to reach the floating market at 4:30 am, about 5 o'clock I was here. It was still a bit dark at the moment, the sun had not yet appeared, plus the wind on the gloomy river made me quite comfortable but also quite sleepy.

Fortunately, the market's trade made me overcome my sleep and return to the "fun". Make sure you do not fall asleep, because missed the floating market will be very sad!

4. What is interesting in Cai Rang floating market?

There are many reasons why I want to revisit the Cai Rang floating market after a missed visit last year. The first is the bustling scenery here that makes me nostalgic.

Next is the boat full of goods. It sounds strange, right? Like this, normally you can only see people gathering markets and selling goods on the land alone, and selling on boats like this is really very few.

Experience a Day at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho Figure 4

The bustling business scene in the floating market. The main item here is the Western dream. @Internet

Each boat will sell a different item, from the fresh and delicious fruit of the West to the appliances needed for everyday life. Boat owners will hang their items on a pole - the people here call the "scum" tree so that buyers can easily recognize.

And yet, the food is also sold on the boat. I can never forget the feeling of sitting on a small boat sitting on the water and enjoying a bowl of rieu noodle with the Western flavor (priced at VND 15,000). This  can be said to be the most interesting memories of my trip.

Experience a Day at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho Figure 5

Boats are home for people in the river region. @Internet

In addition, if you want to eat fresh fruit, you can ask the shopkeeper to always give it to them, they are extremely friendly.

If not had the opportunity to visit the Western River, then it would never have been seen and experienced. So this is counted as the reason that pulled me to Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho.

5. Infatuated with life and people of the river

The last reason and the reason why I am forever attached to this place is the people of the river. I have heard a lot about the life of the people, but they are always happy and happy, so I really want to try it.

I still can't forget the gentle smile of the bun vermicelli seller now; She scooped up the noodles and told me about how Westerners cook this dish. Then she told me about her years of water and her family.

Experience a Day at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho Figure 6

The items sold on the floating market will be a unique experience for every visitor here. @Internet

Somehow, the story from a stranger makes me feel so close. Perhaps it was her friendliness and enthusiasm that bridged the gap of two unknown people, two people from two different lands.

Unfortunately, I did not come here on the occasion of Thuong Dien and Ha Dien holidays in Can Tho in April / December, otherwise I would have had the opportunity to visit the biggest festival in the West. But who knows, next year when I have time, I will book tickets immediately.

What about you, do you like my trip? I hope I have shared useful information for you so you can visit this market next time. 

Source: https://blog.traveloka.com/vn/mot-ngay-o-cho-noi-cai-rang-can-tho/


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