An Binh Market

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Phone: 0888.177.666
Time to visit a place: 60 minutes
Open Time: 04:00
Close Time: 18:00
Address: Provincial Road 923, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu County, Can Tho City


An Binh Market Here, there is a story related to the origin of the name of Sau Sau. According to Can Tho newspaper, Tran Van Ut lived in Quarter 1, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District. While searching fish, Mr. Ut has discovered an array of maxillary bones of a huge huge crocodile at Cai Rang River, where near the head of the crocodile makes many people very interested. No one knows when the name of "Crocodile Head" was born, but unfortunately there are no official documents explaining the establishment of this place. But in folk, there is still an interesting story: "Region Cai Rang river (belonging to former Can Tho) used to have many crocodiles. One day, on this river, there was a procession of strawberry picking by boat when a large crocodile swung boats and carried the bride away. The groom was extremely hurt and angry, so he invited many athletic young men to find a way to surround them. After grabbing the neck of the crocodile, the groom killed the killer himself and threw it into the river to get angry. After that, where people put on, people immediately based on that to name the canal. The first part of the implant is called the ...

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