Preserving and promoting the value of Southern folk cakes


Southern folk cake is the common name of traditional cakes, popular in southern provinces and cities of Vietnam. These cakes been passed down for decades.

Southern folk cakes are often made from simple ingredients such as rice flour, sticky rice, green beans, sugar, coconut, etc. When combined, these ingredients will create many different types of cakes such as: banh tet, banh bo, banh it, banh bot loc, banh xeo...

Southern folk cakes

Each type of cake has its own unique way of making and flavor, creating the diversity and richness of Southern cuisine. These cakes are often made on holidays, Tet, parties, to entertain guests or at family gatherings. In fact, Folk cakes became an indispensable dish in the daily lives of generations of Southern people.


Southern folk cakes. Photo: Truong An

Preserving Southern folk cakes is a way to preserve and promote local cultural values and traditions. Preserving folk cakes also helps maintain and develop traditional professions and craft villages, keeping this type of cake from being forgotten in modern society. In addition, preserving folk cakes also helps the young generation understand and appreciate the cultural and culinary values of the country.

In the future, in order to preserve and promote the value of Vietnamese culinary culture and the value of Southern folk cakes, Can Tho City will organize the 11th Southern Folk Cake Festival 2024 from April 17th. - April 21th, 2024 (March 9 - 13 of the lunar calendar) at Binh Thuy District Square (Lac Long Quan Street, Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City).

This is an annual event organized by the Can Tho Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism under the direction of the City People's Committee.

This year's festival will be held with a scale of about 200 - 250 booths including: folk cake booths, cuisine booths, OCOP (One commune one product, a national program) booths and regional specialties. In addition, the Festival is expected to have about 100 artisans participating in the Folk Cake Contest and demonstrating many types of cakes to serve visitors.

The Southern Folk Cake Festival promises to be an interesting and joy-filled destination for tourists when visiting Can Tho City on the occasion of Hung King's death anniversary (March 10th of the lunar calendar). Thereby, contributing with artisans to preserve and spread the value of Southern cuisine in particular and the values of traditional Vietnamese cuisine in general to people in Vietnam and all over the world.


For more information, please send an email to the event's organizer:


Truong An - Can Tho Tourism Development Center


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