O Mon District Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival - The 3rd Great Unity of Ethnicities in Can Tho in 2019

From November 9 - November 11, 2019 in O Mon District, where many Khmer ethnic people in Can Tho City took place the O Mon District Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival - Great unity of the people race of Can Tho City for the third time in 2019 with many interesting activities. The event is a highlight of the locality to promote visitors from near and far the cultural characteristics of the Khmer people, as well as the cultural identities of the Kinh, Chinese and Khmer ethnic groups living on City area.
O Mon District Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival - The 3rd Great Unity of Can Tho Ethnic Groups in 2019 was held at O ​​Mon District Culture, Sports and Broadcasting Center. The festival is an opportunity for localities, departments, companies, businesses, travel within and outside O Mon District to create relationships, exchange, learn, promote tourism promotion. Through the activities of the Festival, creating a great bloc of ethnic groups and together implementing well the criteria for building Can Tho people "Intelligence - Dynamic - Compassion - Integrity - Elegant".
The festival has many outstanding activities such as: Performing, giving calligraphy and portrait painting; Exhibition of "50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Will"; Exhibition of books, pictures and quizzes; Can Tho City Football Championship in 2019, celebrate the 3rd Day of Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival - Can Tho National Solidarity; Dragon Lion Award in Can Tho city expanded in 2019; Stands promoting, promoting city tourism; Five-tone musical performance; Southern Folk Festival - O Mon District Amateur Singers in 2019; "Flower and fruit decoration art" contest; The contest "Decorating Kinh - Chinese - Khmer cuisine stall"; "Folk Cake Competition"; Organizing folk games; Moon Festival ...
This is the largest and most awaited festival of the Khmer people in the South, which takes place every year around the 14th and 15th of the lunar calendar. This is the occasion for the Khmer people to celebrate the ritual of worshiping the Moon to pray for a good rainy year, good harvest, good harvest and happiness for the villagers.

In this series of events, the Khmer people conducted the Moon Worshiping Ceremony and Ok Om Bok (putting rice nuggets) - a ritual of great spiritual significance. Trays for worshiping the moon include agricultural products including: Chek (banana), passion fruit (potato), sugarcane (coconut), ta-rau (taro), in which, nuggets are displayed in the center. tray of gifts ...


Coming to the festival, visitors have been visiting many models "Decorate flowers and fruit of art" monumentally, enjoy unique pentatonic music, participate in many interesting and useful activities at tourist booths. , library, calligraphy and learn about cultural characteristics as well as enjoy traditional cuisine of Khmer people and ethnic groups.



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