Don ca tai tu will be present at tourist sites in Can Tho

Performing Don ca tai tu at Lung Cau Bridge tourist area

This is one of the activities that Can Tho city implements the Scheme on protection and promotion of Don Ca tai Tu art - Intangible cultural heritage, while diversifying local tourism products, contribute to promoting and bringing heritage to domestic and foreign tourists.

Come to the program "Don ca tai tu in the garden space, the tourist garden", relatives and tourists not only enjoy the green space, quiet garden but also immerse in the melody The bass of the songs, the rhythm through the repertoire of harmony, harmony of male and female singers.

The program will take place at Lung Cot Cau tourist site from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, every Sunday due to artisans from Don Ca Tai Club in the area of ​​Can Tho city performing, especially more special is the participation of "elite artists" in the field of amateur music such as Hai Loi, Hoang Luong, Thanh Tung, Truong Ut ... to ensure the artistic quality for each program. In the future, if the test model is effective, it will be replicated in other garden houses and tourist sites in the city.

My Trinh - Urban Development Department


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