Can Tho continues to restrict the crowds of people according to Directive 15

23/04/2020 390 0
On the evening of April 22, 2020, Can Tho City Chairman Le Quang Manh signed Official Letter No. 1205 / UBND-KGVX on the continued implementation of measures to prevent and control COVID-19

Accordingly, in order to effectively implement the dual goal of "fighting against epidemics and developing the economy", the Chairman of the City People's Committee requested the departments, agencies, mass organizations of the city, the People's Committee of the district, the district and the people above. areas where the following measures are implemented: continue to implement measures to limit crowds as prescribed in the Prime Minister's Directive No. 15 / CT-TTG of March 27, 2020. .

Restricting people from leaving the house when not needed, when going out must strictly implement wearing a mask; do not gather more than 10 people outside the workplace, schools, hospitals and in public places; keep a minimum distance as prescribed when communicating; perform hygiene, wash your hands often with soap or disinfectant solution; organize spraying, spraying and sterilizing at offices, working offices, factories, enterprises, hospitals and schools. 

Continue to stop cultural activities and business of cultural services, entertainment and public entertainment (music, theater, art performances, fashion shows, cultural and art exhibitions; cinemas movies, discos, bars, restaurants, bars with on-site alcohol, beer, beer clubs, karaoke, video games, other entertainment and entertainment venues); public sports activities, business services (gym, swimming pool, martial arts, billiards, yoga, zumba, football field ...); places to visit; Spirituality; historical - cultural relics, places of interest, museums, libraries, theaters, tourist resorts and tourist sites; beauty service facilities (cosmetic surgery, hairdressing, manicure, tattooing, etc.), saunas, massages, reflexology facilities, physiotherapy in the city area.
Other types of business and services are allowed to continue operating. Heads of business establishments are responsible for ensuring absolute safety and fully implementing measures to prevent and control epidemics, organize business space strictly comply with not focusing on more than 10 people, keeping distance. according to regulations between people, disinfecting, spraying, disinfecting and other measures to prevent and control COVID-19 in accordance with regulations and recommendations of the health sector. In case of failing to meet the requirements on epidemic prevention and control, the operation must be stopped

Encourage types of online trading, take-away sales, home delivery.

For sale-taking forms: shop owners and business establishments shall have to organize and guide customers to purchase goods for queuing and delivery to ensure strict regulations on not focusing on more than 10 people and keeping distance. according to regulations between people. 

For online shopping, home delivery: business owners organize work for shipper team (shippers) to meet the requirements of social distance and medical safety according to regulations. 

For street businesses, self-employed workers are allowed to operate as if all measures of COVID-19 epidemic prevention (if they are not eligible must be stopped immediately).


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