Thoi Long Bamboo Shrimp Trap Knitting Village

Thoi Long Bamboo Shrimp Trap Knitting Village

Thông tin nhanh

Price: Free
Phone: 02923.861.773
Time to visit a place: 120 minutes
Open Time: 8:00 AM
Close Time: 2:00 PM
Address: Thoi Long Ward, O Mon County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Thoi Long Bamboo Shrimp Trap Knitting Village is located in Thoi Long ward, O Mon district which is tiny shrimps, especially in flooding reason, therefore, the trade village is one of traditional trade villages existed for a long time in this region. Bamboo shrimp trap is a common tool for catching busier from lunar July to October every year. The trade village has more than 300 production households and their products are sold throughout Mekong Delta Region. When visiting this region, the tourists will have the chance to witness the subtle, meticulous skills of the craftsmen in every phase from splitting bamboo strings, making frames, knitting etc. until completing a bamboo trap.


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