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Da Ly hotpot


Da Ly Can Tho fish sauce hotpot - one of the delicious restaurants in Can Tho has been introduced a lot by the press, so perhaps a lot of tourists before coming to Can Tho have heard this restaurant name.

During the tours to the West , reminders of food, everyone knows the special sauce hotpot of the river region. Along your journey you can also see countless famous restaurants and hotpot shops. Across Can Tho as well, the restaurants serving specialties and floors are very available, each with its own characteristics, making the brand popular as a very remarkable highlight in the world. Can Tho cuisine such as Hotpot Da Ly Can Tho, Hot Ban Phu SaCai Rang Water Nem ... Located right on the 3/2 street of Can Tho city, tourists who visit Can Tho are very easy to see Mam Da Ly hotpot shop, especially in the afternoon, the restaurant is so crowded that customers come late. too long to wait for a seat. Khan trang and spacious can serve up to 500 guests, Da Ly sauce hotpot restaurant is really quite ideal in terms of space, service and flavor of special sauce hotpot, which is not everywhere. The impression of diners when enjoying the fish sauce hotpot in Da Ly is extremely high vegetable, is said to have several dozen vegetables used with hotpot, in addition to common vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, water spinach, spinach, need water, eggplant ... there are almost all kinds of vegetables known as horticultural, such as pumpkin, cotton, madam, bitter vegetables, ... making many visitors like using hotpot of raw vegetables without touching a bun.

If you have a trip to Can Tho or work, do not forget to enjoy a hot pot of Da Ly Can Tho fish sauce with the fragrant sauce with fish, very sweet fish with fresh meat and countless vegetables There may be vegetables you have never tasted before. Use through sauce hotpot here, feel the sophistication of Western cuisine featured in the taste was skillfully prepared by the owner, you will understand immediately why Mam Da Ly hotpot is famous and praised much so much.


  • Address
  • 89, 3/2 Street, Hung Loi Ward, Ninh Kieu County, Can Tho City
  • Menu
  • Open time
  • 08:00 - 18:30


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