Tan Loc coconut garden

Tan Loc coconut garden

Thông tin nhanh

Price: Free
Phone: 02923 851 293
Time to visit a place: 120 minutes
Open Time: 7:00 AM
Close Time: 6:00 PM
Address: Tan Loc Ward, Thot Not County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Recent year in Tan Loc Islet (Thot Not - Can Tho), there is a shady coconut garden, especially around the small ditches filled with silt so that tourists can rent a paddle boat to explore the garden. In this garden, visitors can enjoy coconut juice with ice and eating coconut meat. Coconut has many types: red coconut, tradition coconut, pandan coconut... depending on the type of coconut that the owner will choose for you to drink. In the coconut garden, there are many hammocks that are sure to be tied to the body of the two coconut tree (But tourists are careful to easily drop the phone, tab ... into the water). The coconut garden arranges tables and chairs for visitors to relax comfortably. Coconut garden is a relaxing destination for many families and visitors who want to experience peaceful space. The garden also serves many fruits of Tan Loc islet. In addition to visiting coconut garden, visitors can also prepare food and sit down to eat under the cool green coconut leaves and spacious space. Source: http://nguoimientay.mekash.com

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