Thom Rom Net Weaving Village

Thom Rom Net Weaving Village

Thông tin nhanh

Price: Free
Phone: 0292 3851 251
Time to visit a place: 120 minutes
Open Time: 7:30 AM
Close Time: 4:30 PM
Address: Tan Loi 2 Hamlet , Thuan Hung Ward, Thot Not County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Thom Rom Net Weaving Village has existed in Thuan Hung ward, Thot Not district for more than 30 years and well-known. Net weaving season start from lunar March to November to supply the products for flooding reason in Mekong Delta Region. At this period, Thom Rom Net Weaving Village will become noisier and busier. In the village, there are more than net weaving establishments at the present. In order to have good nets of high durability for good fishing etc. It is required the craftsmen to work hard, carefully and have high skills. If visiting Can Tho, please visit Thom Rom Net Weaving Village - the special trade village only existed in river and water region.


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