Can Tho is a city directly under the Central Government, located in the central position of the Mekong Delta region. Known as Tay Do - Capital of the Southwest region from more than a hundred years ago, Can Tho has now become a Class I city and is one of four provinces in the key economic region of the Mekong Delta. Long and is the fourth key economic region of Vietnam.

Hoa Binh Boulevard in Can Tho City

The advantage of Can Tho city is not only in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, but also in the geographical position, allowing the development of projects in the areas of: urban infrastructure, transport infrastructure; High-tech agriculture; agricultural and aquatic product processing industry; tourism and tourism infrastructure; auxiliary industries.

The Politburo Resolution No. 45-NQ / TW dated February 17, 2005 has opened the way to remove difficulties and mobilize synergies for the development of the Mekong Delta provinces in general and Can Tho city in particular. Many of the projects was national, the spread t oaIn the region, it has been implemented, aiming to bring Can Tho to the same level as a central city of the country. Traffic difficulties are being solved by projects of upgrading and expanding National Highway 1A, opening more roads connecting the West with the Southeast and many roads connecting the provinces in the region; Can Tho bridge has completed connecting Hau river banks; Can Tho airport is being upgraded to become an international airport; Dinh An channel will be renovated to receive large tonnage vessels into Can Tho port. The shortage of human resources has been addressed by many guidelines and solutions to develop human resources through upgrading and opening more specialized universities and colleges ... Can say, Can Tho city has met sufficient elements necessary to become one of the major economic centers of the country, capable of cooperation,

On that basis, Can Tho is aiming to become a delta-level, civilized, modern, green and clean city, an industrial center, a trade-service center and a center of education. education and science and technology, health and cultural centers of the region. In order to achieve that goal, Can Tho City constantly strives to improve its competitiveness index to better attract domestic and foreign investors. Some investment support policies have been implemented such as improving administrative procedures in the one-door, one-stop-shop, shortening the time of issuing investment certificates, reducing vocational training costs and advertising expenses. report for newly established businesses ...

Currently, Can Tho city is very interested in supporting and ready to create favorable conditions for investors and businesses to operate in the most effective way. Coming to Can Tho city, investors will soon realize that this place is really a "convergence place" by a friendly investment environment.