Co Ut drain cake


The cake "Co Ut", is addicted
Unlike many other cake making places, Co Ut cake makes people from tourists to local people "eat and drink" and not just eat to know. Why?
Unknown since when, the cake has become one of the specialties of Can Tho people. From large and small articles, to individuals who travel, write the name "tribute cake" in the list of delicious dishes in Can Tho, so try eating once when coming.
In Can Tho, there is no shortage of shops selling cakes, but Ut's cake is particularly delicious and attractive. Because the cake here is not only shrimp and flour, but also green beans, minced meat and dipping sauce are mixed with everyone. Green beans make the cake more nutritious and brittle without being bored. The dipping sauce is delicious, not too dense nor too thin, accompanied by white radish pickles and minced carrots. A cake is not too big, about 3 cm in diameter, an adult eating about 3 is too full.
The bar space is not specially decorated but extremely spacious, can accommodate from 30 to 40 people at the same time. Big and high tables and chairs so people can sit comfortably, not worrying about cramped.
In the afternoon, you can sit and wait for about 20 minutes to enjoy the cake. Because when customers call, the shop starts to be fried to ensure crispness and always serves hot cakes for guests. Here, guests came and went to the countryside, all the guests stood up, there were other visitors. Although guests are crowded, but the cake is fried and beautiful color, not following the quantity but making the cakes that are not nice to customers.
If you have a chance to visit Can Tho, do not forget to come to Ms. Ut's shop and enjoy this special dish.
Review from Can Tho Pho
+ Delicious, crispy and hot cakes.
+ Spacious, clean, slightly noisy space.
+ The price is suitable for everyone's pocket.
+ Waiting time for cake is about 15 minutes. Few waiters should wait long.
+ Large and high tables and chairs, so the restaurant is extremely suitable for going to family, big group friends.


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