40 tour operators in Can Tho city survey Nghe An tourism

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In order to further expand the market, connect and exchange tourists between Can Tho city and Nghe An province, in 3 days (August 26 - 28), Ho Chi Minh City tourism industry. Can Tho organized a famtrip delegation of 40 travel agencies, press agencies and local leaders to conduct surveys of Nghe An tours and tourist routes.
The delegation of Can Tho city visit and listen to the explanation at the temple
Emperor Quang Trung on Dung Quyet mountain (Vinh City). Photo: Vuong Bang
The team surveyed the main points such as Uncle Ho's hometown, King Quang Trung temple, Ho Chi Minh Square and Uncle Ho Monument, Thanh Chuong tea island and Cua Lo beach urban area ... These points are included in the 3-day tour 2 night associated with the direct flight Vinh - Can Tho Nghe An travel units often offer.

During the survey, most of the delegation members highly appreciated the diversity and originality of tourism products, as well as the tourism potential of Nghe An. Travel agencies in Can Tho city are very interested in marine tourism products, community tourism and especially source tours attached to flight routes.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Hieu - Director of a travel company in Can Tho said: The travel units we will be interested in, exploiting as source tourism, marine tourism, community tourism because these are the products that Mekong Delta provinces do not have.
Take photos, save moments at tea island, Thanh Chuong. Photo: Vuong Bang
This destination survey is the concretization of cooperation contents signed between Nghe An Tourism industry and Can Tho City on August 27. The content of cooperation focused on 4 areas of cooperation on exchanging information on tourism development situation; developing tourism products; propagating, promoting and promoting tourism; planning and calling for investment.

In 11-12 / 2019, Nghe An province will also organize a promotion and promotion for a destination in Can Tho city. For a long time, the number of tourists from Nghe An to Can Tho city is constantly increasing, but the number of visitors in the opposite direction is still modest./.

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