Pothi somron pagoda

Pothi somron pagoda

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Price: Free
Phone: 0292 3861 578
Time to visit a place: 120 minutes
Open Time: 7:00 AM
Close Time: 6:00 PM
Address: 415, Area 4, Chau Van Liem Ward, O Mon County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

The ancient pagoda of Pothi Somrom is located next to O Mon river, Chau Van Liem ward, O Mon district and ranked by Can Tho city People’s Committee as a city level architectural and art relic in 2006. The pagoda was constructed since 1735 and evaluated as one of the beautiful Khmer pagodas with the intact traditional architecture. In 1856, the pagoda was rebuilt out of precious wood and roofed with scaled tiles that reflected an influence from the cultures of Khmer and India. Almost 100 years later, the pagoda had degenerated badly when the monk Thach Khieng, the resident abbot at that time, went over to Phnom Penh to invite a Cambodian architect to draft a design for restoring the pagoda, one that was based on retaining its traditional architecture. Completed in 1952, the pagoda was built with stone bricks and has been maintained to this day. It can be seen that the main chamber is the outstanding piece among the architectural arrangement of Pothi Somron Pagoda. The main chamber was built with high ceilings and has four broad corridors extending out in each direction, which, according to Hinduism, is considered an arrangement that looks out towards the four directions of ...

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